Cold and Lonely Truth Book

The Beckoning of God's Reality
In An Age of Rationalization

by Arthur Khachatryan

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Dr. Gary Habermas addresses the definition of death, and then sets parameters for potential afterlife evidence. In looking at testimonies of near death experiences in each of the categories that we will have established, Dr. Habermas discusses the na...

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Is believing in the Bible a leap of faith for the weak minded? A call to Christians to reclaim the mind, engage the culture, and offer positive arguments for Christianity. A Ligonier Ministries 2012 National Conference

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Merneptah Stele
Photo Credit © Leon Mauldin

Merneptah Stele (dated c. 1230 BC) is a stone slab found in the late 19th century in Thebes, Egypt. Its hieroglyphics inscription makes reference to Israel as a significant people group, providing archaeological consistency with the Bible. Read more about the Merneptah Stele

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Misconceptions of Intelligent Design

DNA Rendering | Photo credit: ynse / Foter / CC BY-SA I recently came across a blog post written by an atheist that was a stumbling block for a Christian acquaintance (we'll call her Jan). Whether it was this or other factors that led Jan to her rejection of Christianity, I was compelled to examine the article. At the surface, I didn’t see anything particularly compelling. However, since Jan herself did not have any reasonable objections to the contents of the article, I wanted to take some time to delve into the details to examine the blog post and see if any theist, or more specifically any Christian, should rethink his or her convicti...Go to blog

Posted on Oct 30, 2014

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