The Beckoning of God's Reality


Who is this guy?

My name’s Arthur Khachatryan. I live in the United States having immigrated here with my parents when I was still quite young. By day I am a web developer, and by evening a few other things, including writing about the deeper things in life. But at all times while I still breath, I’m a husband, a father, and a follower of Jesus of Nazareth. In my writings I try to reflect the multiple lines of reasoning why the Christian faith is the only true reasonable view of reality.

What is this blog?

This is the place where I blog my ruminations about religion, science, ethics, history, archaeology, philosophy, psychology and more. Generally whenever religion is considered, it is usually seen as a thing that must be felt and experienced and generally not something to have logical reasoning for. However, while this may be true of some religions, it is certainly not true for all of them. One of the main ideas I wanted to communicate in writing my book, Cold and Lonely Truth, is that faith does not mean the absence of reason. There are good reasons why people believe in the metaphysical and supernatural realms, and God specifically. The prevailing cultural redefinition of ideas and circumstances has left the truth captive to the shallow preconceptions of popular culture. But rest assured, truth will not die. It is us who shall die. Truth will live on as it has lived on eternally in the very nature and essence of ultimate reality, God Himself.

Some Terms and Conditions of Use

With topics of such magnitude there is bound to be a lot of sensitivity to many of the issues covered within this blog. I want to urge everyone to please be kind and respectful to everyone. Profanity is not allowed here. There are much more effective/persuasive means of communication than using foul language. It is also generally a good idea that if you bring up ideas and expect people to take you seriously that you be ready to provide a reasonable defense of your view. Dogmatic statements without defensible arguments usually stir people up and contribute very little to the cause of truth. To summarize:

  • Be Kind and Respectful
  • No Profanity
  • General Best Practice of Rational Thought

I hope you enjoy my postings and please don’t be shy to make comments provided you keep in mind the aforementioned. Thank you for visiting!

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