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“I Believe in Science!” – Something No One Should Say

“I believe in science,” said Hillary Clinton. “We should not have people in office who do not believe in facts and truths and modern science,” said Leonardo DiCaprio. What these

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4 Fascinating Reasons to Thank God for Hurricanes

If God is all good and all powerful then why are there hurricanes and other natural phenomena so harmful to people? A good God should certainly want good for his creatures, and a powerful God should be

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Why is There So Much Sensationalism in Science Journalism?

There is no shortage of science news in mainstream media. This means that there is also no shortage of ignorance and sensationalism in mainstream media. Let me first address the initial reaction that the

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Misconceptions of Intelligent Design

I recently came across a blog post written by an atheist that was a stumbling block for a Christian acquaintance (we’ll call her Jan). Whether it was this or other factors that led Jan to her rejection

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Thank God for Earthquakes

The earthquake and the ensuing tsunami in Japan are truly tragic and need worldwide attention. In the wake of yet another catastrophe people all over the world either pray to God for the victims and survivors

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The Universe Brimming With Design and Fine-Tuning

For thousands of years, people have looked up at the night sky in awe and amazement. It was once thought that supernatural intervention was the driving force behind the mechanisms of the universe. While

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