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    Grace and Love Amidst the Armenian Genocide

    The year is 1909. Turkish forces have surrounded Hadjin, a town of 20,000 in Turkey with a predominantly Armenian population. It’s now been days and the isolated people are running low on food and supplies. Many have taken cover in an orphanage where Christian missionaries from America have resided and worked. Having spent the last few years in Hadjin working diligently in the orphanage, the American Christians are depleted in number. Having started out a party of 10, only three currently remain there as exhaustion and illness have worn down the selfless group.

    The Turkish forces are firing on the town from the surrounding mountains intent on wiping out as much of its Armenian population as possible. The only thing keeping the Turks from charging into the town to massacre the people is the group of American missionaries they knew reside in Hadjin. They know that harming the Americans would incite an international affair and a spotlight of that magnitude would not be in their best interest. (more…)

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    Human Progress, Education and the Heart

    Centuries have come and gone and once again we stand at yet another crossroad unable to decipher the direction in which we must move. Or are we inclined to think that human progress is making it’s way through? Having secularized most of the modern culture, mankind aims at a natural utopia, a super civilization of perfection. This he aims for without truly knowing how to get there. We look for the answers without really knowing what exactly we’re looking for, and find nothing but an incredible amount of fragmentation between the various voices, we sink deeper and deeper into confusion about how exactly shall we live.

    We witness what we perceive to be evils and injustices, but we reason that there are no such things as evils and injustices. We press on that if only we can civilize and educate the world, that all our troubles would be over, that we will achieve a society in which the educated man will behave as a model, law-abiding citizen. This we aim for while at the same time expelling religion from culture. But, if we think the answer lies in educating a man so that he may overcome his religious “superstitions,” we have not paid attention to the 21st century. After all, were it not the idealized education and indoctrination of the Marxist and Darwinian ideologies that swept over this planet during the last century and resulted in the cold-blooded murder of more people than all previous 19 centuries combined? Was it not the formation of these thoughts throughout the lecture halls of our universities? Have we not constantly bombarded the culture with the notion that man is simply an elaborate beast? How then should we act but as beasts?


    The Universe Brimming With Design and Fine-Tuning

    For thousands of years, people have looked up at the night sky in awe and amazement. It was once thought that supernatural intervention was the driving force behind the mechanisms of the universe. While the many presumptions of the ancients have been demythologized by scientific inquiry as more of the natural reality is understood, that same inquiry now brings us to a place where we can see the universe and the functions of many of its interlocking parts with much more clarity.

    Innumerable brilliant minds, through centuries of inventive pursuits, working tirelessly for years on end has given us the ability to replicate the conditions of the early universe. Through a device called the Hadron Collider (and other particle colliders) scientists are now able to get a deeper insight into the conditions of the universe while it was only a fraction of a second old.

    The scientific evidence points to the reality that the universe appears to have leapt into existence out of nothingness. A tiny spec, known as the singularity, beyond which all known laws of physical break down, exploded into being and has expanded thereafter to be the universe of today. We use the term explode because there is no other better way to describe the extreme rate of expansion from the singularity, but this rate of expansion exhibits incredible fine-tuning as well. This expansion was so fast and the release of energy so great that the event was deemed to be termed the Big Bang. (more…)

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    Were the Chilean Coal Miners Fools?

    In mid-October, 2010 after being trapped for nearly 10 weeks, 33 Chilean coal miners were finally rescued from a collapsed mine some 2,000 feet below ground. In the wake of the rescue many of the trapped miners said that they had kept the faith that they would be rescued. One miner, Mario Sepulveda, 40, told CNN through a translator, “I was with God and I was with the devil. But God won. I held on to God’s hand. At no point in time did I doubt that God would get me out of there.”Another miner claimed, “There are actually 34 of us because God has never left us down here.” Topographer, Macarena Valdes concurred the sentiment, “It was 75 per cent engineering and 25 per cent a miracle.” While churches across Chile hosted prayer vigils until the final miner was rescued, one of the trapped miners, Jose Henriquez, 55, led a prayer group from underground.

    Ok, enough of this nonsense! Now, someone please tell these poor chaps that there is no God. Can someone please break the news to them? Can someone please tell them that what they experienced was simply a large set of random coincidences, a set of improbable occurrences that this time around worked out in their favor; you know the kind that happen all the time in nature.