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Are Babies Born Atheist?

I’ve heard it said so many times that babies are born without any beliefs about God and therefore, that babies are born atheist. But are babies born atheist? To answer the question, one would need to

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Is Atheism the Absence of Beliefs About God?

It’s the strangest phenomenon – a puerile and wrongheaded endeavor to redefine atheism is among us. There is an increasing number of atheists today who would claim that the definition of atheism

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Was Abraham Lincoln a Real Historical Figure?

Why do people just believe in Abraham Lincoln when no one alive has ever seen the man? Not one person has seen him. No one has touched him or spoken to him. I realize that the claim is that he’s

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Debate – William Lane Craig vs. Alex Rosenberg

True atheists have an undying unbridled commitment to philosophical naturalism, and usually also to its fraternal twin, philosophical materialism. Though there is a distinction between the two, the commitment

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