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Was Adolf Hitler a Better Man than Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Sometimes no greater point can be made than by comparing polar opposites. And, however ugly that comparison may appear, if to serve a greater purpose of clarifying higher truths, it is well worth the inquiry. Perhaps no two people in the history of the world have been separated by such a gulf of a difference than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Adolf Hitler. Devoid of a conscience (or violator of it), Hitler left one of the most indelible marks of devastation, inhumane mass exterminations and a war campaign that would see the entire world unravel, causing up to 40,000,000 deaths. Dr. King, appealing to the conscience of a nation, opened the eyes of that nation to show it its blatant hypocrisy. One found it permissible, and even his right, to exact force and eradicate what he deemed to be the lower races. The other, persisting in peace against a horrid injustice and blatant hatred, to free millions from their bondage. One would hold that the Arian race was supreme and therefore needed to exterminate all undesirables. The other preached the table of brotherhood. One judged by the color of the skin. The other, by the content of the character. One is notably the evilest person ever to live. The other, one of the noblest characters (though not perfect in any sense) to ever set foot on this earth. (more…)


Should Governments Determine Human Worth?

It is a clean room mostly empty except for the government officials, a secretary and the Chancellor of the state. In enters Mr. Wordsworth, a man who is on trial on suspicion of being a librarian.

In this 1961 episode of The Twilight Zone, titled The Obsolete Man, we see one of the most articulate demonstrations of the implications of tyranny, where civil law infringes upon personal freedoms in a way so blatant, it makes us doubt that such a scenario could ever be possible. Yet, a cursory review of history and the likes of Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse-Tung show us that such a scenario is but two gentle steps away. What were the common threads between these regimes that were responsible for the murder of an estimated 100 million people combined? Step one: remove the notion of God from public life, thereby removing natural law as the basis for intrinsic human worth, liberty and equality. Step two: create a totalitarian regime, preferably with a ruthless dictator at the helm. And there you have it – a society unable to understand why human beings have intrinsic worth, unable to account for their own liberties in order to retain them, and the horrific reality follows. (more…)

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