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Christian Perspective on Terrorism, Death, and the Middle East

On September 11, 2001, seemingly out of nowhere (at least to the majority of people) an incredibly organized group of terrorists orchestrated the murder of thousands of Americans. As the horrific images danced in the heads of the watching world, with even a more fervent pace, came some profound questions. Who were these people? Why were they flying their planes into buildings? What was this all about? Among people who engage in discussions about the conflicts in the Middle East, there are various perspectives on the source of tension, the reasons for violence, and just why the hostility keeps inflamed. But now, the hostility had moved into the Americas. Depending on the particular perspective, asking some of these important questions is bound to provide us with just as many variations in answers. Ask a sociologist you’ll get one type of answer. Ask a psychiatrist, you’ll get something different. Ask a philosopher, you’re bound to get something completely different. But perhaps the most important people to help us make sense of all of this are people who are intimately involved with and have a full perspective of the history of the people occupying the Middle East. Since we are well within the land of the Bible, the biblical perspective could offer us a fairly comprehensive understanding of the continued conflict. (more…)


Grace and Love Amidst the Armenian Genocide

The year is 1909. Turkish forces have surrounded Hadjin, a town of 20,000 in Turkey with a predominantly Armenian population. It’s now been days and the isolated people are running low on food and supplies. Many have taken cover in an orphanage where Christian missionaries from America have resided and worked. Having spent the last few years in Hadjin working diligently in the orphanage, the American Christians are depleted in number. Having started out a party of 10, only three currently remain there as exhaustion and illness have worn down the selfless group.

The Turkish forces are firing on the town from the surrounding mountains intent on wiping out as much of its Armenian population as possible. The only thing keeping the Turks from charging into the town to massacre the people is the group of American missionaries they knew reside in Hadjin. They know that harming the Americans would incite an international affair and a spotlight of that magnitude would not be in their best interest. (more…)

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