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Review of The Promise

The Promise is an intricate story with plots and subplots. The main theme involves a complicated love story of two men who love the same woman. It is a spellbinding and compelling story woven into the

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Isn’t Abortion Obviously Wrong?

There’s no doubt, one of the most polarizing issues of today is abortion. Is abortion wrong? The two sides of the abortion issue have never been further apart. While the folks on the one side of the

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Let’s Compare Adolf Hitler to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sometimes no greater point can be made than by comparing polar opposites. And, however ugly that comparison may appear, if to serve a greater purpose of clarifying higher truths, it is well worth the inquiry.

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Can There Be Virtues Without God?

It would be fair to admonish the young people of today for being vain, selfish, and simply swimming in the enchantment of illusions of their own making. It would be fair to criticize the youth of the day

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Evolution and Human Dignity

Many times after people commit horrendous crimes we get a clear indication of their great disconnectedness with reality. But what happens when a mass murderer is a well-educated, well-read individual who

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What is the Source of Evil?

What is the ultimate source of evil? Is it money? Is it Satan? You may be surprised to find out that the very source of it is actually personal choice.

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