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Review of The Promise

The Promise is an intricate story with plots and subplots. The main theme involves a complicated love story of two men who love the same woman. It is a spellbinding and compelling story woven into the historical events surrounding World War I. The complexities of the love triangle seem very genuine. The casting is excellent, and the characters live our their struggles with terrific conviction. The performances are superb. The writing is exquisite and the artistic liberties are undertaken with great care without compromising historical facts. (more…)


Is Abortion Wrong?

There’s no doubt, one of the most polarizing issues of today is abortion. Is abortion wrong? The two sides of the abortion issue have never been further apart. While the folks on the one side of the issue keep pressing for personal liberty at all cost and blame religion for attempting to trample on those freedoms, the folks on the other side stare blindly at the radicalization of the self over against what appears to be an intuitively basic knowledge that life is to be protected. Many in this camp will say that we can know that abortion is wrong simply through our intuition, and while this may ultimately be true, it does no work in resolving the issue as a matter of an objective moral law or public policy because it is unable to bridge the gap between the two sides.



Was Adolf Hitler a Better Man than Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Sometimes no greater point can be made than by comparing polar opposites. And, however ugly that comparison may appear, if to serve a greater purpose of clarifying higher truths, it is well worth the inquiry. Perhaps no two people in the history of the world have been separated by such a gulf of a difference than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Adolf Hitler. Devoid of a conscience (or violator of it), Hitler left one of the most indelible marks of devastation, inhumane mass exterminations and a war campaign that would see the entire world unravel, causing up to 40,000,000 deaths. Dr. King, appealing to the conscience of a nation, opened the eyes of that nation to show it its blatant hypocrisy. One found it permissible, and even his right, to exact force and eradicate what he deemed to be the lower races. The other, persisting in peace against a horrid injustice and blatant hatred, to free millions from their bondage. One would hold that the Arian race was supreme and therefore needed to exterminate all undesirables. The other preached the table of brotherhood. One judged by the color of the skin. The other, by the content of the character. One is notably the evilest person ever to live. The other, one of the noblest characters (though not perfect in any sense) to ever set foot on this earth. (more…)


Can There Be Virtues Without God?

It would be fair to admonish the young people of today for being vain, selfish, and simply swimming in the enchantment of illusions of their own making. It would be fair to criticize the youth of the day for rebelling against everything, regardless of merit or warrant, in the final analysis slowly fading the issues of rebellion into the backdrop making rebellion itself the chief end. But along with so much chaos among the youth, there are young people today who care deeply about the issues humanity is wrestling with and there is a sense of great optimism about the progress of humankind in its elusive journey to find itself, its ultimate purpose and destiny. Some of the young people today also care about world peace, ending hunger, selfless devotion to one another and deep lasting friendships that are hard to tear apart. The youth of today likes to decorate reality with great and wonderful pursuits, and for this there should be a true sense of elation, for these are the truly meaningful ends. (more…)


The Evolutionary Implications on Human Dignity

Many times after people commit horrendous crimes we get a clear indication of their great disconnectedness with reality. But what happens when a mass murderer is a well-educated, well-read individual who fully understands his actions and shows no regret, not because he’s completely deranged, but because he has fully weighed the implications of what he’s been taught throughout his life? Such is the case with the infamous mass murderer, Ted Bundy, who confessed to killing over 30 people. (more…)

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The Ultimate Source of Evil

Atheism tells us that evil is not a real thing. It tells us that there is really no right or wrong, that there is really no way we ought to live, that all of it in one fell swoop is nothing more than relative notions and ideas and are simply matters of personal preference. But, how would we object to a man who would rob us, hurt us, or do something as simple as lie to us? Do we not expect the truth? Do we not expect others to more or less coalesce to this common ideal that we intrinsically expect everyone to know about. What notion then of personal preference being our guide? The truth is there is such a thing as “evil” and a source of evil. The reality is that there is an objective transcendent ideal, and it must be outside the mind of man. What, after all, can be deemed to be antithetical to how things ought to be if we reject the notion that things ought to be a certain way. (more…)

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