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Are the Biblical Testimonies Inadmissible Because of Christian Bias?

Biblical testimonies are inadmissible because the writers had biases informed by personal convictions. So goes the charge frequently made against the biblical narratives – that what the authors of the New Testament documents were expounding were lies they were holding on to because of their prior personal convictions. But just how reasonable is this claim? Are prior personal convictions by themselves sufficient to lead people to espouse certain truth claims? And would those claims on their own be justification for their beliefs? Can we not trust the historical contents of the biblical narratives because its writers were committed to the ideas they espoused, and would be in favor of the propagation of those ideas? (more…)


There Are No Good People in Heaven

Of those who believe in heaven, most people think they are deserving of it. Most people think of themselves as good people. They believe that they will find themselves in heaven one day because, compared to all the wicked people, like Hitler and Stalin, they have not murdered millions of people; that they try to do good, and not hurt anyone. But is this the barometer that God uses as a “ticket” to heaven? It may likely come as a surprise to many that it is not, at least not within Christian theology. In other words, if Christianity is true, then there is an entirely different way in which heaven becomes our “destination.” (more…)


Can We Trust the Bible?

One of the most popular sentiments of the day is that the Bible cannot be trusted. The reason often cited is that it is claimed that the biblical text was copied over and over and pieces were added onto it, and other portions removed to suit the theological inclinations of the specific generation or individual scribes. And once that charge against the Bible is moved along, another popular one quickly follows, namely that the Bible, especially the New Testament, was written so much later after the events that it purports to have occurred, that we really can’t trust the content matter supposedly because the writers were utilizing their memory to tell us what happened generations ago.

But is this really the case? Has the text of the Bible been dramatically changed? Was the Bible written generations after the events it is depicting?

We need to look at the transmission of the text, and the manner and shape in which the text gets to us. We look at the time gap between the events and the writings. We try to determine if there was anything special about the way the writings were preserved, and how reliable the written copies are. (more…)