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Should the Bible be Excluded as Evidence Because of Bias?

Are biblical testimonies inadmissible because the writers had biases informed by personal convictions? So goes the charge frequently made against the biblical narratives – that what the authors of

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Is the Old Testament Trustworthy?

The Old Testament (OT) consists of a combination of writings spanning thousands of years of Jewish history. The Old Testament writings depict Jewish customs and theology that are consistent with what we

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How Can We Trust the Bible?

One of the most popular sentiments of the day is that the Bible cannot be trusted. How can we trust the Bible if it’s said that there are errors and inconsistencies in it? The biblical text was copied

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The Flood and Noah’s Ark – Part 2

Is the story of the great flood and Noah’s ark a myth? Or are there good reasons to think them to be true? Previously we looked at the first challenged leveraged against the story of the flood and

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The Flood and Noah’s Ark – Part 1

The biblical text gives us an account of a catastrophic flood that is said to have wiped away all humanity from the face of the earth and Noah’s ark which is said to be the only thing to have survived

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