The Beckoning of God's Reality

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God and Religion: 3 Reasons God Hates Religion

Wait, what? God hates religion? God and religion are at odds? This is nuts, right? How could someone say that ‘God hates religion?’ Isn’t the whole idea of believing in God to be religious? Then how could God actually hate religion? If these are some of the questions you may be asking, you’re likely going to be shocked by the answers. (more…)


Is Religion a Preference?

What is religion? According to some people religion is merely a preference, the expression of man’s attempts to know God or a supernatural realm of some sort. Various cultural influences within the multicultural world we live in allow for various expressions or manifestations of religion. A Hindu living in India may have his own expression of religion. The Christian living in the United States may have his own expression, and Buddhists in Thailand have their own expression. While there certainly are various expressions of religion in different countries across the world, we still must ask whether religion is merely a cultural expression, and therefore a relative understanding of the inscrutable realm beyond nature, or whether it is something else. (more…)


The Blind Men and an Elephant

The Blind Men and an Elephant demonstrates that people, in general, have learned to abhor exclusive claims. Instead of the full comprehension of outward reality, many people all over the world try instead to exalt their preferences above and beyond the way reality actually is. And as groups of people with similar backgrounds, inclinations, likes and desires are concerned, relativism finds strength in numbers as various peoples insist that truth cannot be known in its entirety, cannot be exclusive, and must be relative. Case in point is the story of the six blind men and an elephant. As the parable goes, six blind men, each feeling a part of the elephant, unable to see what it is they are each touching, conclude they are dealing with completely different things. (more…)

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The False Assertions of the Pamphlets of Jehovah’s Witnesses

On the heels of finally completing the booklet I was writing critiquing Jehovah’s Witnesses teachings based on their faulty translation of biblical manuscripts, come to our door, you guessed it – Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs). Though I was unable to speak with them, they did leave us with yet another of the pamphlets of Jehovah’s Witnesses – this one even more patently misleading and factually incorrect than the last.

I could move along and critique the entire pamphlet, but since I just recently wrote a booklet of my own highlighting many of these false notions and wrote about what Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in a previous article, it may be out of scope here. So what I am going to do instead is to take just a few of the claims made in the pamphlet and briefly examine them. We will examine the back cover of the said pamphlet, titled The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom, subtitled Do We Need God? (more…)


What is a Free Thinker?

What exactly is a free thinker? Is it someone who simply thinks without placing limitations on his thoughts? Ironically, no. A free thinker is someone who has refused to be held captive by what he would suppose to be the tyranny of religious thought and instead opted to side with what he would perceive to be freedom from that manner of thought. The free thinker would think of himself to be more rational for not believing in God having supposed that this sort of belief is nothing short of superstition. The free thinker would perceive to be free from the “bondage” to superstition and of religious belief, that the person has come to a rational knowledge of reality instead of believing in things on the basis of faith. But whether intentional or unintentional, by ascribing to himself labels which make him look superior based on this new-found “freedom,” the free thinker would implicitly passively denigrate those who would believe in God.