The Screwtape Letters on Stage

Screwtape Letters

The C.S. Lewis classic work, The Screwtape Letters, comes to a stage near you (hopefully). The Screwtape Letters is a collection of letters written by a senior demon, Screwtape, to his nephew, who happens to be in training. But what can you expect from a one man (speaking part) performance? Well, be prepared to be swept away, as I was. Audiences of all kinds, from the secular media and non-believers to Christians, are all raving about The Screwtape Letters. The brilliant adaptation of Lewis’s classic work brought to life by The Fellowship for the Performing Arts is one wild ride.

Screwtape’s letters are meant to train the young demon to move people away from realizing God, but they do more than that illuminating the incredible wretchedness that slowly creeps into the human experience to move us slowly into complacency and enchantment with the merely temporal realities. It is one diabolical insight into the nature of the human psyche. Max McLean is eerily good, perhaps a little too good, at bringing Screwtape to life. It is truly a performance you will not forget. But don’t take my word for it. Here are what the critics are saying:

“Audience members interested in spiritual reflection will certainly find food for thought — and mortification — in this dramatization. But the fiendish reality the production conjures is colorful enough t appeal to theatregoers of any, or no, religious persuasion.” – The Washington Post

“Fellowship for [of] the Performing Arts…has hit the bullseye, making a Screwtape for the stage that’s nearly as incisive and funny as it is on the page, and one that should appeal to the aesthetically-discerning atheist as well as to a wide swath of religious folks.” – dcist

“Screwtape is a good watch for all audiences, Christian and non….McLean is a powerfull commanding presence and eloquent villain. And, as any artistic expression should have something important to say, Lewis’ words transcend simple religious application and lay out a pretty good model as to how t live a good life. That he relates these tenets in such a creative way is the icing on the cake as to why this performance is not to be missed.” Theater Jones (Performing Arts News in Dallas/Fort Worth)

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  1. Wsukapdjo says:

    Westfield, IN-yesterday at Clowes Hall I saw the performance and found it really well done. His ability to portray Screwtape by all the verbatim passages from the book was stunning–a monumental feat!  I wish all people everywhere could see this!   W. Sukapdjo

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