How Many Different Names did Jesus have?

All the names of Jesus

It may surprise some to find that Jesus is actually referred to in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament of the biblical writings. What follows is as complete a list as can be formed of all the names of Jesus of Nazareth used in the Bible. Taking all the names of Jesus used in the Bible into consideration, it would ironically be quite a stretch to consider him a mere good moral human teacher. The incarnation means that God took on human flesh as an innocent human being, lived the perfect life and dies for our sins to reconcile us with a God from whom we’ve been alienated by our own meanderings and our will. What follows is a comprehensive list of the names of Jesus used in the Bible.

1. Christ
2. Messiah
3. Prince of Peace
4. Wonderful Counselor
5. The Mediator
6. Emmanuel
7. Lord
8. Mighty God
9. Son of Man
10. Son of God
11. Eternal Father
12. The Lamb of God
13. The Angel of the Lord
14. The Angel of God
15. The Word
16. The Great I AM
17. Light of the World
18. The Image of God
19. Wisdom
20. The Power of God
21. The Messenger
22. The Man
23. The King
24. The King of Kings
25. The Lord of Lords
26. The Babe
27. The Child
28. The Apostle
29. High Priest
30. Prophet
31. The Truth
32. The Life
33. The Way
34. Great Prophet
35. The Carpenter
36. Man of Sorrows
37. Savior
38. The Savior of the World
39. Anointed
40. The Great Healer
41. Shepherd
42. The Good Shepherd
43. The Shepherd of Israel
44. The Root of Jesse
45. The Root of David
46. The Branch
47. The Vine
48. The Tree of Life
49. The Bread of Life
50. The Living Bread
51. The Light
52. The Light of the World
53. The Hidden Manna
54. The Rock
55. The Foundation
56. The Cornerstone
57. The Living Stone
58. The Elect Stone
59. The Creator
60. The Holy One
61. The Priest
62. The Great High Priest
63. The Daysman
64. The Interpreter
65. The Intercessor
66. The Advocate
67. Gift of God
68. The Blessed
69. The Blessed One
70. The Faithful and True
71. The Faithful Witness
72. The Amen
73. The Firstborn
74. The Firstborn of All Creation
75. The Most High
76. The Alpha
77. The Omega
78. The Resurrection
79. The Last Adam
80. The Captain of the Host of the Lord
81. The Captain of Salvation
82. Almighty God
83. Commander
84. Ruler
85. Governor
86. The Deliverer
87. The Lion
88. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah
89. Ensign of the People
90. The Polished Shaft
91. The Shield
92. The Lord of the Sabbath
93. Lord of Peace
94. Lord of All
95. The Prince of Life
96. The Prince of the Kings of the earth
97. The Judge
98. The Righteous Judge
99. The King of Righteousness
100. The King of Israel
101. King of the daughter of Zion
102. The King of Peace
103. The King of Glory
104. Sceptre
105. Arm of the Lord
106. Door
107. Elect of God
108. Head of the Church
109. Holy Child
110. Holy One
111. I AM
112. King of the Ages
113. King of Saints
114. Lawgiver
115. Morning Star
116. Our Passover
117. Prince of Life
118. Redeemer
119. Rose of Sharon
120. Seed of Woman
121. Bishop of Souls
122. Shiloh
123. Son of the Blessed
124. Sun of Righteousness
125. Witness
126. Word of God
127. The Son
128. The Son of the living God
129. His only begotten Son
130. The Son of the Father
131. The first-born of every creature
132. The Son of the Highest
133. The Son of the Blessed

For details about how some of the names of Jesus correspond with the prophecies made in the Old Testament, you may read Christmas and the Prophecies of the Birth and Nature of Jesus.

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