Darkness at Noon – Ancient Scholars Unintentionally Validated a Miracle During Jesus’s Crucifixion

Darkness at noon during the crucifixion of Jesus

It’s AD 33. Jesus has been put through multiple farcical trials through the night and has been scourged. It’s now noon, and Jesus has been on the cross for a few hours. Suddenly, around noon, there’s a shocking and unexpected darkness. This darkness was recorded by Matthew, Mark, and Luke in their Gospel accounts. What’s…

The Preservation of the New Testament by the Church Fathers

Saint Ignatius of Loyola, praying towards the left with a crucifix, a rosary, a book, and a skull on the table in front of him

One of the more underrated aspects of the Christian tradition is the multiple early church leaders who were personally taught by the apostles of Jesus, who themselves carried the beliefs espoused in the biblical writings. This creates a lineage of the preservation of the New Testament without any gaps that go back to the events…

An Open Letter to Turkish Commoners Regarding the Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide

An Appeal to the Conscience of Civilized People to Deal with the Armenian Genocide Dear Turkish People, It is with the gravest heart I remember today what happened to my ancestors more than 100 years ago – the Armenian Genocide. I realize that as human beings, we do not like to be confronted with the…

Do the Moral Teachings of Jesus Imply that Jesus Was Just a Good Moral Teacher?

The Moral Teachings of Jesus - Was Jesus just a good moral teacher?

Who was Jesus? We know of the moral teachings of Jesus. But was Jesus nothing more than just a good moral teacher? Christians claim Jesus is God. Jews claim Jesus was an imposter and not the Messiah. Some skeptics claim Jesus never even existed. How can we reason about who Jesus was?

Do Many Potential Options Compromise the One Truth?

Do Many Options Compromise the Truth

‘There are thousands of religions. How can you be so egotistical as to think that your religion is the right one?‘ Do people who ask this have a legitimate gripe? Many people believe that since there are many potential options, that, therefore, there is no right answer – with people holding to this notion in…

How Could a Loving Person Send Themself to Hell?

How could a loving God send people to hell?

People usually ask, “how could a good and loving God send people to hell?” Wrong question. Ask again. The right question is this: how could a loving person send themself to hell? Does that sound strange? Good. It’s meant to. We need a shift in perspective to understand the dynamic between God and man.

The Argument for God from the Fine-Tuning of the Universe

Argument for God from Fine-tuning of the universe

We are alive and we continue to live because our universe is delicately balanced to allow it. The fine-tuning of the universe provides a very compelling case for the existence of God. The argument for God from the fine-tuning of the universe has multiple layers – both from the fine-tuning of any possible life in…

Comprehensive List of Factors of Fine-Tuning for Intelligent Life in the Universe

Fine-tuning for intelligent life

The universe demonstrates a level of fine-tuning that is absolutely astonishing. As a matter is a mere happenstance, it is extremely implausible. The conditions under which any life may exist in the universe requires extreme precision. The conditions under which intelligence physical life may exist in the universe requires even more precision. Here, I detail…