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You Cannot Critique Hawking Because You’re Not a Physicist!?

Since publishing the article, Can the Universe Create Itself? I’ve had some people objecting to what I wrote, specifically regarding my critique of Hawking. Since there is a common pattern among

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Does Creation Day Four of Genesis Contradict Science?

Arguably the most scrutinized book of the Bible is the Book of Genesis. Many skeptics will claim that the book of Genesis contradicts science and, as a result, it cannot be trusted. The proof text often

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Can the Universe Create Itself?

Have you heard someone say that the universe created itself? Perhaps someone of high profile? Stephen Hawking is among those who’s stated that the universe can create itself. Is this reasonable?

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Can Physical Laws Cause Things?

There are a few scholars today, mostly scientists, who continue to postulate that the laws of nature cause things to happen in the world. One of these claims is that the laws of nature created the universe

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How Could God Create the Universe Before Time?

Interesting conversations abound at dinner tables. One day, my older son told us that his science teacher told the class that ‘God could not have created the universe because before the universe

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The Contingency Argument for God

If you have kids or have been around them, you'll find it familiar to hear them ask all sorts of questions. Sometimes they will ask a chain of questions each of which is based on the answer to the previous

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The Argument for God from Reason

Every so often, I'll hear or see a skeptic claim that religion is the result of non-thinking, a blind leap into the darkness of human ignorance. At the same time, he'll claim that his view of atheism

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Did You Know That Koran Validates the Bible and Invalidates Itself?

One would think that the Koran, like other holy books, would try to carve out its own set of claims and distance itself from claims of other holy books. The strange thing is that the Koran doesn’t

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Historical Errors in the Koran

I have a few Muslim friends. In many ways, I seem to have much more in common with their cultural and ethical worldviews – the strong familial structure; strong traditions, and rich heritage; the

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Pensées by Blaise Pascal – Reviewed

Blaise Pascal’s Pensées is simply put, a book of wisdom. As merely a collection of thoughts jotted down in a notebook from the mind of one of the most brilliant of men to live, it qualifies as one

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