Cold and Lonely Truth

Is the Universe Too Big for God?

I used to think, as many do today, that the universe was way too big, wasteful in fact. I’ve since changed my view. However, many still hold the view that the ‘the universe is too big.’

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God and Death – Does Death Mean That God Has Failed?

‘People die, so there is no God!’ he said. Believe it or not, this sums up a peculiar objection that is increasingly more common today about reconciling God and death. Oddly enough, people

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The 7 Things Jesus Said on the Cross

Jesus is known to have said many things as recorded in the Bible. However, the seven things Jesus said on the cross are of utmost importance since they happened as Jesus was dying. Here are the seven

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The Nazareth Inscription – Did You Know Caesar Outlawed Grave Robbing After the Resurrection?

It is sometime before AD 50. A Roman emperor orders an edict – those caught robbing tombs and extracting bodies will be put to death. Strange, is it not? Found in Nazareth of all places, it comes

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Holy Week, Timeline and Details

The Christian Holy Week is the week immediately prior to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Holy week begins with Palm Sunday and ends on Resurrection Sunday, which is the most important day on the Christian

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Does Science Offer Proof That the Sun Formed Before the Earth?

Inevitably, when discussing the Bible, skeptics are bound to bring up an apparent discrepancy between what we know from science and what the Bible has to offer. One such objection I’ve heard repeatedly

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You Cannot Critique Hawking Because You’re Not a Physicist!?

Since publishing the article, Can the Universe Create Itself? I’ve had some people objecting to what I wrote, specifically regarding my critique of Hawking. Since there is a common pattern among

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Does Creation Day Four of Genesis Contradict Science?

Arguably the most scrutinized book of the Bible is the Book of Genesis. Many skeptics will claim that the book of Genesis contradicts science and, as a result, it cannot be trusted. The proof text often

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Can the Universe Create Itself?

Have you heard someone say that the universe created itself? Perhaps someone of high profile? Stephen Hawking is among those who’s stated that the universe can create itself. Is this reasonable?

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Can Physical Laws Cause Things?

There are a few scholars today, mostly scientists, who continue to postulate that the laws of nature cause things to happen in the world. One of these claims is that the laws of nature created the universe

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