The Simple Guide to Christian Apologetics

Christian apologetics

Christian apologetics – the pursuit of demonstrating the evidence and providing reasons for the truth of the Christian worldview – is commanded in Scripture. Those familiar with Christian apologetics will likely know at least some of how this is best done to be both Scripturally sound and persuasive. Continue Reading

Prophecies of Jesus – Old Testament Prophets and the Messiah

prophecies of Jesus

The Old Testament writings, which were canonized as the inspired word of God, contain many predictions of future events. The central figure of these predictions is the Messiah, the Savior. The Jews have expected the Messiah to this day. However, those closest to Jesus alleged that they had found him; they embraced the belief that…

Reality and Radical Skepticism

radical skepticism

There was a time when notions of the obvious were so simply eloquent that there was no need to meddle with its argumentation. In fact, there was no argumentation needed since the obvious was so, well obvious. Then came the postmodernist, deconstructionist ideologies that aimed to topple the towers of fundamental knowledge and question the…

Why Are There No Extra-Biblical Writings That Confirm Christianity

extra biblical writings

Why are there no historical testimonies of miracles outside the Bible consistent with the New Testament? How come there are no extra-biblical writings that confirm the New Testament? Why didn’t more non-Christian historians of antiquity mention Jesus? Those who did, why didn’t they paint Jesus in the same manner consistent with the Christians who wrote…

Is Early Christian Testimony Inadmissible?

early Christian testimony

One of the criticisms of the Bible that has gained traction in recent decades is the notion that we cannot believe the biblical narratives because they were written entirely by the proponents of the faith expounded by the writers. In other words, what the biblical writers tell us is inadmissible as evidence insomuch as history…

The Devil’s Delusion by David Berlinski Reviewed

The Devil's Delusion

It is particularly fulfilling for a Christian – or it should be – to see someone not necessarily in their camp, someone watching from the sidelines to find faults and criticize atheists and demonstrate the weaknesses and often foolishness of their bold pronouncements. The Devil’s Delusion by David Berlinski is such a profound work. Berlinsky…

A Little Bit of Religion is a Good Thing But Don’t Take it Too Seriously?

Don't Take Religion Seriously

Every so often I’ll be in conversations with people, and the topic of religion will come up. And though I find the issue to be of great importance and most worthy of discussion, I know better than to speak about it with just anyone. Sadly, most people are neither interested in a discussion nor are…