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Does Creation Day Four of Genesis Contradict Science?

Arguably the most scrutinized book of the Bible is the Book of Genesis. Many skeptics will claim that the book of Genesis contradicts science and, as a result, it cannot be trusted. The proof text often

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Prophecies of Jesus – Old Testament Prophets and the Messiah

The Old Testament writings, which were canonized as the inspired word of God, contain many predictions of future events. The central figure of these predictions is the Messiah, the Savior. The Jews have

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Why Are There No Extra-Biblical Writings That Confirm Christianity

Why are there no historical testimonies of miracles outside the Bible consistent with the New Testament? How come there are no extra-biblical writings that confirm the New Testament? Why didn’t more

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Is Early Christian Testimony Inadmissible?

One of the criticisms of the Bible that has gained traction in recent decades is the notion that we cannot believe the biblical narratives because they were written entirely by the proponents of the faith

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Biblical Contradiction About Where Joseph and Mary Are From?

It takes minimal effort to find hundreds of alleged contradictions scattered across the vastness of the internet. How credible are these challenges to the Bible? Spoiler alert - most charges of contradiction made

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What Are Bible Contradictions And Are There Any In The Bible?

“I can’t believe you believe the Bible,” he said, “Don’t you know there are thousands of Bible contradictions in there?” This sort of statement is unfortunately prevalent

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Holy Week – Palm Sunday

The Christian celebration of Easter begins a week prior, the first day of Holy Week. The Sunday before Easter Sunday is known as Palm Sunday and is the day on which Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem

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How Many Different Names did Jesus have?

It may surprise some to find that Jesus is actually referred to in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament of the biblical writings. What follows is as complete a list as can be formed of all the

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Should the Bible be Excluded as Evidence Because of Bias?

Are biblical testimonies inadmissible because the writers had biases informed by personal convictions? So goes the charge frequently made against the biblical narratives – that what the authors of

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Prophesies About the Birth of Jesus

One of the reasons that the Bible is thought by so many to be the inspired word of God is because it has writings which predict events far future from the dates of those writings. Through linguistics,

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