With topics of such magnitude there is bound to be a lot of sensitivity to many of the issues covered within this blog. I want to urge everyone to please be kind and respectful to everyone. Profanity is not allowed here. There are much more effective/persuasive means of communication than using foul language. It is also generally a good idea that if you bring up ideas and expect people to take you seriously that you be ready to provide a reasonable defense of your view. Dogmatic statements without defensible arguments usually stir people up and contribute very little to the cause of truth. To summarize:

  • Be kind and respectful in all your comments. Charity, kindness and respect is paramount.
  • Absolutely no profanity! If one can't communicate without using profane language, there's good reason to believe one cannot be reasoned with.
  • General best practices of rational thought apply.

I hope you enjoy this website and find it helpful in some measure. Please don't be shy to make comments provided you keep in mind the aforementioned. 

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