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God and Death – Does Death Mean That God Has Failed?

‘People die, so there is no God!’ he said. Believe it or not, this sums up a peculiar objection that is increasingly more common today about reconciling God and death. Oddly enough, people

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The Simple Guide to Christian Apologetics

Christian apologetics - the pursuit of demonstrating the evidence and providing reasons for the truth of the Christian worldview - is commanded in Scripture. Those familiar with Christian apologetics

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Heaven and Hell

Heaven and hell – what are they? Though various concepts of the afterlife are prevalent throughout different cultures and belief systems, most have a line of demarcation between the destination for

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5 Quick Ways to Lose an Argument

“You are such an intolerant bigot!” said the guy as he raised his head proudly above his computer screen. Far too many people think that they are winning arguments without ever realizing that

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Christian Youths Leaving the Church: What Are We to Do?

According to Barna, 67% of Christians struggle with doubt. Multiple independent surveys show that a large number of Christian youth falling away from their faith. This mass exodus appears to, at least

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Is God Supposed to Answer All of our Prayers?

A heartbroken young man prays for the life of his innocent little child. In danger of being caught for the last time, a lifetime criminal prays for his escape from investigators. A single mother barely

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Lecrae Reciting the Lyrics from His Hit Song, Fear

I honestly grow insecure as I get older Even when you hot there comes a day when you get colder Comes a day when you slower, time is taking its toll 45 On the back of the jersey upon your soul I’m

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Don’t Impose Your Beliefs on Others?

A common modern sentiment, especially among the youth of today, is that people should be free to believe whatever they want just as long as they keep those beliefs to themselves. The loud uproar echoes

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The Sower’s Apologetics Profile

What is the effectiveness of apologetics? The Holy Scriptures tell us that God has revealed himself to mankind but that humanity as a whole does not want God (Romans 1:18-20). This leads people to create

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Life Is Not Fair!

People often say with some level of dejection that life is not fair. But who promised that it would be? Who promised a paradise free from pain? Who promised that there would be justice? If we were to compact

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