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The Contingency Argument for God

If you have kids or have been around them, you'll find it familiar to hear them ask all sorts of questions. Sometimes they will ask a chain of questions each of which is based on the answer to the previous

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The Argument for God from Reason

Every so often, I'll hear or see a skeptic claim that religion is the result of non-thinking, a blind leap into the darkness of human ignorance. At the same time, he'll claim that his view of atheism is

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Reality and Radical Skepticism

There was a time when notions of the obvious were so simply eloquent that there was no need to meddle with its argumentation. In fact, there was no argumentation needed since the obvious was so, well obvious.

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5 Reasons Why It’s Unreasonable to Ask Who Created God

A standard response from skeptics against those who espouse belief in God is to pose this question: if God created the universe, then who created God? Here are a few reasons why it's unreasonable to ask

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4 Unexpected Aspects of Causation

This is likely going to come as a surprise to many, but many people today don’t fully understand the nuances of what it means for something to cause a particular effect. Do we need to see one process

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Are Babies Born Atheist?

I’ve heard it said so many times that babies are born without any beliefs about God and therefore, that babies are born atheist. But are babies born atheist? To answer the question, one would need to

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Is Atheism the Absence of Beliefs About God?

It’s the strangest phenomenon – a puerile and wrongheaded endeavor to redefine atheism is among us. There is an increasing number of atheists today who would claim that the definition of atheism

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Does the Euthyphro Dilemma Challenge Theism?

“God is arbitrary!” he said. “You can’t even rationalize the existence of goodness if God exists. Either goodness is entirely arbitrary, or God is entirely arbitrary.” What kind

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Anselm’s Ontological Argument

Anselmus Candiae Genavae, better known as Saint Anselm (c. AD 1033 – 1109) was a medieval Italian cleric, philosopher, and theologian who served as the archbishop of Canterbury. He contributed three

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Precedence and the Erroneous Rejection of Miracles

A bartender walks into the bar, late for work, and upon entering, explains why he was late. He tells his boss that he was late because he ran into a parade, that his car backfired and scared two little

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