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Darkness at Noon – Ancient Scholars Unintentionally Validated a Miracle During Jesus’s Crucifixion

Darkness at noon during the crucifixion of Jesus

It’s AD 33. Jesus has been put through multiple farcical trials through the night and has been scourged. It’s now noon, and Jesus has been on the cross for a few hours. Suddenly, around noon, there’s a shocking and unexpected darkness. This darkness was recorded by Matthew, Mark, and Luke in their Gospel accounts. What’s…

Do the Moral Teachings of Jesus Imply that Jesus Was Just a Good Moral Teacher?

The Moral Teachings of Jesus - Was Jesus just a good moral teacher?

Who was Jesus? We know of the moral teachings of Jesus. But was Jesus nothing more than just a good moral teacher? Christians claim Jesus is God. Jews claim Jesus was an imposter and not the Messiah. Some skeptics claim Jesus never even existed. How can we reason about who Jesus was?

Prophecies of Jesus – Old Testament Prophets and the Messiah

prophecies of Jesus

The Old Testament writings, which were canonized as the inspired word of God, contain many predictions of future events. The central figure of these predictions is the Messiah, the Savior. The Jews have expected the Messiah to this day. However, those closest to Jesus alleged that they had found him; they embraced the belief that…