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Abortion is Biblical? Say What?!

is abortion biblical?

There is a very curious view that abortion is supposedly justifiable and perhaps even prescribed by the Bible. Oddly enough, some people claim that the Bible condones and allows for the ending of life in the womb. Is abortion biblical? As will be clear in this piece, not only is this a failure to read…

Isn’t Abortion Obviously Wrong?


There’s no doubt, one of the most polarizing issues of today is abortion. Is abortion wrong? The two sides of the abortion issue have never been further apart. While the folks on the one side of the issue keep pressing for personal liberty at all cost and blame religion for attempting to trample on those…

Joe Wright Kansas Senate Prayer

Joe Wright Kansas Senate prayer

This prayer was delivered on January 23, 1996 by the Rev. Joe Wright in Kansas. It was said that most of those in attendance were outraged and some walked out. Without a doubt, it is a blunt and direct indictment on modern culture.  Within just a few weeks, the Central Christian Church, where Rev. Wright…