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Did You Know That Koran Validates the Bible and Invalidates Itself?

One would think that the Koran, like other holy books, would try to carve out its own set of claims and distance itself from claims of other holy books. The strange thing is that the Koran doesn’t

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Historical Errors in the Koran

I have a few Muslim friends. In many ways, I seem to have much more in common with their cultural and ethical worldviews – the strong familial structure; strong traditions, and rich heritage; the

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A Little Bit of Religion is a Good Thing But Don’t Take it Too Seriously?

Every so often I’ll be in conversations with people, and the topic of religion will come up. And though I find the issue to be of great importance and most worthy of discussion, I know better than

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Do the Abrahamic Religions Believe in the Same God?

One of the common sentiments held by many today is that the Abrahamic religions acknowledge and fundamentally believe in the same God - that whatever differences there are within each of those religions

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Is Religious Education a Form of Brainwashing?

There exists in some circles this notion that religious education is a form of brainwashing, that what happens if you go to church and especially if you allow your kids to get religious instruction, then

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3 Top Reasons God Hates Religion

Wait, what? God hates religion? God and religion are at odds? This is nuts, right? How could someone say that ‘God hates religion?’ Isn’t the whole idea of believing in God to be religious? Then

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Should We Select a Religion That Suits Us?

What is religion? According to some people religion is merely a preference, the expression of man’s attempts to know God or a supernatural realm of some sort. Various cultural influences within the

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Are Jehovah’s Witnesses Christian?

Have you ever had Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs) come to your front door trying to tell you about Jesus and Jehovah? Have you been agitated by the interruption of your valuable time? I empathize. Most

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