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Pensées by Blaise Pascal – Reviewed

Blaise Pascal’s Pensées is simply put, a book of wisdom. As merely a collection of thoughts jotted down in a notebook from the mind of one of the most brilliant of men to live, it qualifies as one

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The Devil’s Delusion by David Berlinski Reviewed

It is particularly fulfilling for a Christian – or it should be – to see someone not necessarily in their camp, someone watching from the sidelines to find faults and criticize atheists and

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Review of The Promise

The Promise is an intricate story with plots and subplots. The main theme involves a complicated love story of two men who love the same woman. It is a spellbinding and compelling story woven into the

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Review of Flight, the Genius of Birds

For millennia human beings have looked up at the sky in amazement, wondering what it must feel like to soar through the air like birds. We’ve marveled at this incredible feature of the natural world.

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Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job

Review of Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job How can the oldest book of the Holy Bible provide us with scientific insights into the natural world that would be revealed thousands of years after it was

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The Screwtape Letters on Stage

The C.S. Lewis classic work, The Screwtape Letters, comes to a stage near you (hopefully). The Screwtape Letters is a collection of letters written by a senior demon, Screwtape, to his nephew, who happens

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Butterflies and Metamorphosis

It is not uncommon for a film about the natural world to fill us with a genuine sense of awe. We look at the majesty of the world around us and can’t help but find ourselves blessed to be able to

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