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Joe Wright Kansas Senate Prayer

This prayer was delivered on January 23, 1996 by the Rev. Joe Wright in Kansas. It was said that most of those in attendance were outraged and some walked out. Without a doubt, it is a blunt and direct

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Fallout from Judgment Day Prediction

Well, another prediction has failed about Christ’s second coming, which was dated to May 21, 2011. Another prophecy has been shown to be false, made by Harold Camping, a man notorious for false prophecies.

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Is Jesus Christ Coming Back?

If you’ve seen the billboards around town headlined with, “We Can Know…” or “Save the Date…” with a statement, “Return of Christ May 21, 2011,” you’ve

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What is Valentine’s Day?

On February 14th of every year, couples celebrate their love and devotion to each others’ in what has come to be known as Valentine’s Day. But what are the roots of this special day? Saint

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Were the Chilean Coal Miners Fools?

In mid-October, 2010 after being trapped for nearly 10 weeks, 33 Chilean coal miners were finally rescued from a collapsed mine some 2,000 feet below ground. In the wake of the rescue many of the trapped

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