Once Upon a Death

life and death

How life animates a person is one of the most phenomenal wonders. And when there’s a death, how greatly that animation is missed. Emotions blossom on every branch of this tree watered by uncertainty. But, I’m tired of philosophizing. All thinking eventually sinks and crumbles. Sometimes one should just let his emotions and imagination freely carry his thoughts away.

How should we live without hope? And when we’re saddened, what do our tears tell us about ourselves? When our loved ones pass away they leave us here estranged, broken-hearted and alone. The cold shivers that pace across our backs remind us over and over again that our own time is drawing near as well, and the moment now so charged with dolorous electricity shocks the realization of our finitude right through our core.

Life looks bleak, but suddenly we get a glimpse of something bright. And we see rising from the darkness of smoke and tears the only hope that man has in this life, the only means by which we can overcome such difficulties. Though we may struggle to come to terms with any of it, we can hope for something greater from a God who’s good plans and purposes extend beyond all comprehension, and we can hope for a day on which He will redeem our faith. We miss the ones who are no longer with us. We can hope to see them once again! But for now, we grieve.

Death and the Tragedy of Thinking

This is the tragedy of all thinking as it evaporates into the dark recesses of what was once known as God’s heavens? What happens when reason is paralyzed by the darkness of the mind when the night is immortalized by the aesthetic pain digging its fingernails into your very soul? What is man’s mind to him then? It is of no more use than trying to evade the darkness by closing your eyes at night. The crushing blows of death don’t stop. Then the enchantment of life that was once kidnapped by knowledge is snatched back by the heart that needed it to live, and the pained heart plants the flag of reality with an exclamation, and the mind can do nothing but be dismayed. Oh, what aches now stir the soul to step on every inch of pride that knowledge had amassed! You see, man cannot live by his reason alone!

Rest in peace, my beloved grandmother.

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