Lecrae Reciting the Lyrics from His Hit Song, Fear

I honestly grow insecure as I get older
Even when you hot there comes a day when you get colder
Comes a day when you slower, time is taking its toll
45 On the back of the jersey upon your soul
I’m scared of letting go, I don’t know what the future holds
My nightmares are having nightmares
I’m quite scared of what’s right and fair
How I fear an eternity
Will I hear well done when he’s turning me?
Will I hear you care too much about all this stuff that really don’t matter?
You chase the wind and you don’t want it
Got to the top of a 2-foot ladder
What’s after I can capture all this mess my heart was after?
Will I end up empty-handed when I stand before my master?
After the show, after the set, after the music stops, what’s next?
Did I master the mathematics of a passive disaster?
Adding my selfish ambition, all the while subtracting what matters?
I’m scared of falling and failing in front of all of my foes.
I fear some friends are unfaithful,
So I keep my small circle closed.
I don’t want no hand-outs or favors, no functional saviors.
I gonna tell that truth till it kills me,
And I’m chillin with my Creator.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!
To all of my haters,
For the ones who think I forgot them,
And the ones who won’t let me say it,
I ain’t scared no more.
I’m unashamed.