When I Think About My God

When I Think About God

When I think about my God…
My God who flung the stars into the night and named them,
Who took the sky and sea and framed them,
Who pulled back the ocean tides, restrained them,
Breathed life into His own and claimed them…

When I think about my God,
Who before He gave the wind direction,
Before He assigned the moon’s reflection,
Long before He painted the leaves’ complexion,
Had settled on us as His affection.

When I think about my God,
Who shaped a nation from a promise to an old man,
Shoved open a red sea, Showered manna from heaven,
Sheltered spies in a brothel,
Shook the walls of Jericho,
Showed up in a fiery furnace,
Shut the mouths of lions,
Shushed the prophets of Baal,
Shot the stone of a shepherd boy,
Shed the glory of heaven,
And shocked the world when He showed up.

Yes, when I think about my God,
I think about how he came,
The good news on a hillside that angels proclaimed,
That God had wrapped himself in human frame,
And now hope has a name,
And His name is Jesus,
Who despite our rebellion, Pursued us.

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Those sins skewed us.
He viewed us priceless.
Chose not to exclude us,
Or let grace elude us.
But instead,
He came to us,
To shape the souls of misfits,
Showered grace on prostitutes,
Showed up to eat with sinners,
Sheltered the forgotten,
Shushed the voice of the enemy,
Shed His blood on a cross,
Shook the earth’s foundations,
Shut the gates of hell,
Shot the stone out of the end of a tomb,
And shocked the world when He got up.

Now sin cannot choke us, burry, crush or beat us,
Fear will not conquer, condemn or defeat us,
We’re alive because He’s alive,
And we rise up because He is risen,
And we know love because He first loved us,
And we win because He is our victor…forever!

From a sermon by Jodi Hickerson on 08-06-2017 at Shepherd Church, Porter Ranch, CA
Photo by LifeLike Creations on Unsplash