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Darkness at Noon – Ancient Scholars Unintentionally Validated a Miracle During Jesus’s Crucifixion

Darkness at noon during the crucifixion of Jesus

It’s AD 33. Jesus has been put through multiple farcical trials through the night and has been scourged. It’s now noon, and Jesus has been on the cross for a few hours. Suddenly, around noon, there’s a shocking and unexpected darkness. This darkness was recorded by Matthew, Mark, and Luke in their Gospel accounts. What’s…

Precedence and the Erroneous Rejection of Miracles

erroneous rejection of miracles-newspaper

A bartender walks into the bar, late for work, and upon entering, explains why he was late. He tells his boss that he was late because he ran into a parade, that his car backfired and scared two little poodles in tutus that were dancing. After his boss briefly expresses skepticism of his story by…